I bring to you my eight years plus of dedicated service as a Digital Forensic Examiner at the Cyber Crime Department. My extensive practical experience encompasses a wide spectrum of disciplines including digital forensics, cyber security, criminal investigation, policing, research, and knowledge dissemination.

My academic accomplishments, coupled with a demonstrated track record of professional competence, underscore my exceptional work ethic and unwavering passion for Policing, Criminal Investigation, Cybersecurity, and Digital Forensics. These attributes collectively position me as a valuable asset to the Uganda Police Force, contributing to its institutional excellence.

As a digital forensics analyst and expert, I have amassed five years of hands-on experience, navigating through diverse case scenarios and engaging in extensive fieldwork as a Scene of Crime Officer (SOCO). My proficiency extends to a comprehensive array of forensic tools, including but not limited to the Cellebrite Kit (UFED Physical Analyzer, UFED Touch), i2 Analyst's Notebook for CDR Analysis, Encase, FTK, Autopsy, Detego, X1 Social Discovery as well as CCTV tools like DVR Examiner and Amped 5 Software.

Furthermore, I possess a strong foundation in website development, boasting considerable expertise in programming languages such as PHP, PYTHON, PERL, and other languages like HTML & CSS. Additionally, I am good with using Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal. Credit to Ziyal

This rich of experience and skills position me as a versatile professional dedicated to advancing the fields of digital forensics, cybersecurity, and law enforcement, as I continue to pursue excellence in service to my community and beyond.